The Young Talents in Resilience Engineering Program will take place on 26 June 2017, in conjunction with the 7th Resilience Engineering Association Symposium, which will be hosted by the Cognitive Ergonomics and Work Psychology department, University of Liège, 26-29th June 2017.

What is the Young Talent Program?

The Young Talent Program is a one day workshop for Master and PhD students within the field of Resilience Engineering. During this one day workshop, the students will have the opportunity to present their work to prominent researchers in the field. Among the mentors for the 2017 workshop are Professor Sidney Dekker, Professor Robert Wears, Professor Richard Cook and Associate Professor Ivonne A. Herrera. The results of the workshop will be presented at the 7th REA Symposium, which all participants get to attend as part of the program.

Who can apply for the Young Talent program?

All Master and PhD students that are currently involved in research within the area of Resilience Engineering. Essential is an interest in Resilience Engineering and the willingness to actively participate in the workshop and the symposium.

Applications should be submitted to:

What are the benefits of becoming a Young Talent?

The Young Talents workshop offers a unique opportunity to present your current research to some of the foremost scholars within the field of Resilience Engineering. You will receive feedback and hands on advice from senior researchers that can help you to reflect upon the current challenges that you are facing in your work.

Participants will be entitled to a reimbursement of travel and subsistence costs up to a maximum of 1,000 (one thousand) Euro.

What do previous participants have to say about their experience?

“The Young Talents consortium of 2013 was my first real connection with the resilience engineering community. The program provided a rare opportunity for me to interact with, and learn from, high profile researchers in the field of safety engineering and human factors.“ (Kenneth Igbo, YT 2013)

“Such a great experience!! I felt quite stressed at the beginning but I was delighted by the indulgence and the relevant and constructive comments of the contributors, and by the emulation sensation between the YT. It really helped me to consider my research with a different prospect. Also, being with other PhD students from other countries was really a positive and enriching aspect!” (Claire Vanbelle, YT2015)

The YT program was just really a great experience. Being able to get feedback on my research not only from some of the leaders in the field, but also to just get the opportunity to interact with some other young researchers was great. You get to share ideas, see different perspectives and even just see that you’re not alone in the process, as others are going through similar things as you. (Ron Gantt, YT2015)

What should the application for the Young Talent program comprise?

  1. A brief (max 400 words) description of the work you are pursuing in the area of Resilience Engineering
  2. Curriculum Vitae
  3. A personal statement (max 400 words) motivating
    1. Why you would like to participate and how you your work relates to the symposium’s theme Poised to Adapt: Enacting resilience potential through design, governance and organization
    2. What you would like to discuss during this day
    3. How you would like to contribute to the Young Talents network after the workshop, e.g. organizing the next Young Talents workshop in 2019, writing a blog on the Resilience Engineering Association website etc.

In order to facilitate in-depth discussion during the workshop, the number of students admitted to the program is limited to ten. The deadline for application is 6th February 2017.

Applications should be submitted to:

Young Talent program Awards

Each of the selected students will be entitled to a reimbursement of travel and subsistence costs up to a maximum of 1,000 (one thousand) euro. Furthermore, each student will be entitled to free attendance of the 7th International Symposium on Resilience Engineering.

Deadline for application

The deadline for application to the Young Talent program will be 6th February 2017.