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As economic capital of Wallonia until the end of the 21th century, Liège is a city with hundreds years of history. Located in the Meuse river’s valley, this multicultural city is part of the ‘sillon industriel’, one of the industrial backbone of Wallonia.

Liège - Luik

Over the past decades, Liège has continuously took care to preserve its architectural and cultural
heritage. Throughout their walk, visitors might notably enjoy the discovery of the recently restore Royal Opera of Wallonia, as well as the Bueren mountain, a vertiginous 374 steps stairs in the middle of the town, but also of the new Guillemins train station, designed by Santiago Calatrava and achieved in 2009. During their pause, visitors are also cordially invited to taste Liège food and drink specialities as for example the well-known Liège’s waffles or the alcoholic beverage named ‘peket’.


Saint Lambert