REA aims at cooperating with the industrial and civil communities to explore innovative applications of resilience engineering and to initiate exchange experience amongst themselves and our members.

Our members work across borders of universities, a diversity industrial domains e.g. air traffic management, construction industry, rail traffic and infrastructure, aerospace, maritime operations, emergency and crisis management, oil and gas drilling, hospitals. All aiming at dealing with growing complexity and the need to develop adaptive capabilities to cope with ever changing challenges, demands like process variety and disturbances. They share a search for adequate space of manoeuvre for successfully and flexibly propelling their business and making full use of their resources like craftsmanship of their people and teams.

We invite organisations to sponsor the symposium and to support our work in promoting applications of resilience engineering. Interested sponsors may provide financial means or in kind.

REA offers sponsors to present themselves as pro-active company or organisation being engaged in an innovative and renewing field of safety and business management. The symposium will be a platform for the sponsor to present themselves and participate in exchanging knowledge, experiences and ambition to create more adaptability in their field of work.

REA offers its sponsors:

  1. A challenging environment for exchanging ideas and vision
  2. Meeting of inspiring colleagues, experts and practioners
  3. Visibility on the REA symposium website
  4. Visibility in symposium materials
  5. Depending on their investment, free access to the symposium for one or more representatives of their organisation.
  6. Free access to symposium dinner.

Organisations or people interested to sponsor are invited to contact:Anne-Sophie Nyssen or the REA secretary.


Sponsors supporting the 7th Symposium on Resilience Engineering are:

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