Workshop: Basics of the Functional Resonance Analysis Method (FRAM)


Safety critical organisations make use of standardised methods for the analysis of incidents and accidents, as well as for risk assessment purposes. Coherently with the resilience engineering approach to system safety, the FRAM has been developed to make sense, understand, and prevent the occurrence of unwanted events which may emerge from the everyday performance of industrial systems. Since 2004 the method has received attention by and been applied in multiple industrial domains (e.g. nuclear, aviation, health care, oil & gas) showing the added value for complex industrial organisations in addressing their risks and performance from the resilience engineering perspective.

Workshop description

The workshop will present the fundamental premises underlying the FRAM, and it will present the sequence of steps for its application. The sequence of steps will be exemplified through the use of real case.

Workshop goal

To learn about the basic premises of the FRAM and about its steps for the execution of both event analysis and safety assessment.

Workshop presenter

The workshop will be presented by Dr. Luigi Macchi, senior research scientist at VTT – Technical Research Centre of Finland.