The symposium program will host a series of workshops aiming at presenting and discussing in depth several topics in the field of Resilience Engineering and related knowledge domains and disciplines.

The workshops are set up to allow group dynamics and interaction, provide an open platform to discuss several topics in depth and are aimed at a diverse and cross discipline audience.

The workshop will be organised at the Campus of the University of Liège on Monday 26th June.

Workshops already planned:

Operationalizing resilience through resilience management guidelines.
Matthieu Branlat, Ivonne Herrera, Luca Save, Sabina Giorgi, Luca Rosi, Valentina Cedrini

One best method, does it exist? NO!
Ruud Plomb, Jurriaan Cals

Workshop and demo training for operational resilience capabilities, a world to win !
Johan van der Vorm, Kees van der Blom, John van Schie, Tor Olav Grotan, Dolf Van der Beek, Dianka Zuiderwijk, Luigi Macchi, Christiaan Poll

Small Details – Big Difference: Can Resilience Development Change the Future of Aviation?
Gunnar Steinhardt, Marc Frank

How can safety professionals improve the resilience of their organisations?
David Provan, Sidney Dekker, Andrew Rae