The symposium will be organized by the Resilience Engineering Association and the University of Liège.

Programming and Scientific Committee

The Programming and Scientific Committee is responsible for designing and managing the program. It will be a representation of several domains.

The members are:

  • David Woods (chairman)
  • Anne-Sophie Nyssen (contact person)
  • Matthieu Branlat
  • Richard Cook
  • Pedro Ferreira
  • Ivonne Herrera
  • Patricia Hirl Longstaff
  • Chris Nemeth
  • Jean Paries
  • Gesa Praetorius
  • Eric Rigaud
  • Jan Maarten Schraagen
  • Robert Wears

Organizing Committee

The Organizing Committee is responsible for the symposium project management, facilities, symposium website, sponsoring and communications.

The members are:

  • Anne-Sophie Nyssen (chairman and contact person)
  • Johan van der Vorm
  • Arthur Dijkstra
  • Mathieu Jaspar
  • Pedro Ferreira
  • Gesa Praetorius
  • Eric Rigaud
  • John van Schie
  • Chrisine Goffinet (secretary

Young Talents Program Committee

The Young Talents Program aims at organizing a workshop for young talents, MSc and PhD students working in the area of Resilience Engineering.

The members are:

  • Gesa Praetorius (coordinator and contact person)
  • Sudeep Hedge
  • Matthieu Branlat
  • Dianka Zuiderwijk