REA Council

The Resilience Engineering Association is governed by the General Assembly of REA members who meet virtual or real once a year, mostly at the occasion of an International Symposium of Resilience Engineering. At the General Assembly new members of the Executive Committee are chosen. The Executive committee can elect associative members. Three members of the Executive Committee are chosen by the Executive Committee as board members with an officers function.

The REA Council encompasses both the Executive Committee and its associative members.

Executive Committee:


  • President: Jean Pariès, Dédale France
  • Secretary: Johan van der Vorm, AdviSafe, the Netherlands
  • Treasurer: Eric Rigaud, MINES Paristech France

Contact the Council via:


  • Arthur Dijkstra, ADMC, Netherlands
  • Pedro Ferreira, CENTEC – IST, University of Lisbon, Portugal
  • Bob Wears, University of Florida USA/ Imperial College London, UK

Associative members:

  • Matthieu Branlat, SINTEF, Norway
  • Paulo Carvalho, Instituto de Engenharia Nuclear, Brasil
  • Shigura Haga, Department of Contemporary Psychology, Rikkyo University, Japan
  • Margareta Lützhöft, Australian Maritime College, Australia

For more information on the REA Council visit our web page: .