About REA

The Resilience Engineering Association (REA) is a non profit organization financed by its members and the results of its activities. It is aimed at promoting the development and sharing of information, practices and knowledge on resilience engineering. It provides several resources for its members.

The REA organizes a diversity of activities like symposia, webinars and publishes papers and proceedings. The REA Flyer with an overview of our activities can be downloaded here.

Join our activities by becoming a member, participating in the Lisbon symposium and in the LinkedIn Group.

You are welcomed to visit our website: www.resilience-engineering-association.org/

What does REA do?

The purpose of REA is to develop a community of practitioners and users of Resilience Engineering It is active in several ways. To create ways to share experience and learning, such as:

  • summer schools and industry partnerships,
  • conferences and workshops,
  • webinars,
  • books and papers.

To create a sense of identity:

  • a collegial community of practitioners and users,
  • a confederation of industrial partnerships,
  • opportunities to speak with a common voice in professional and industrial settings.

To promote a shared understanding of what resilience engineering means:

  • debate and discussion,
  • examples of applications in diverse ways and fields,
  • point and counterpoint.

The REA Flyer offers an overview of our activities and can be downloaded here.

REA Resources

The Resilience Engineering Association has organized very stimulating and successful symposia.

The symposia papers and other contributions can be downloaded at the resources page of the REA website.
The proceeding of the 6th Symposium on Resilience Engineering, Managing resilience, learning to be adaptable and proactive in an unpredictable world, can be downloaded from the REA website resources page as well. Proceedings of the 5th Symposium on Resilience Engineering, Managing Trade-offs, are available at the Knowledge Bank of OHIO State University.

Members have access to additional resources. For more information about REA, membership plus benefits, downloadable publications, symposia papers, video’s, etcetera, please visit www.resilience-engineering-association.org