Follow up call for contributions

The Programming and Scientific Committee will evaluate the received submissions. Each proposal for an abstract will be given careful attention by at least 2 reviewers. An abstract may be studied by other members of the Programming Committee when the review of an abstract requires specific expertise.

A proposal for a workshop and poster will be evaluated by the Programming Committee as well. A person being invited to presented may be asked to present a summary at the plenary session.

The criteria for assessment to be used by reviewers include quality of the work described, relevance to the conference theme, and contribution to the development of the field of resilience engineering.

All people having submitted a proposal will be informed about the decision of the Programming Committee chaired by David Woods.

A decision may be:

  • an invitation to submit a paper and present it in the program
  • an invitation to submit a paper and present it at the poster session
  • an invitation to organize a workshop
  • a request to modify the abstract/paper
  • to notify that the abstracted has been rejected.