Coming up: 7th REA Symposium

The Resilience Engineering Association (REA) is a non profit organization financed by its members and the results of its activities. The REA organizes a diversity of activities like symposia and webinars, and publishes papers and proceedings.

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The 6th REA Symposium, held in Lisbon in 2015, was a great success. As we expected, participation was even larger, and more exciting debates took place. The programme followed a tradition in vivid interaction of participants and was open for a variety of contributions. Contributions from academia and practitioners, seniors as well as young talents, experts from research and industry.

And now, REA proudly announces its 7th symposium!

  • Tentative dates: 26,27,28 and 29 June 2017
  • Tentative location: Crowne Plaza Hotel (City Center) Liege (Luik) Belgium.


More details will be published on this site in due time, so please visit us again.

We hope to meet you there, to discuss the exciting world of Resilience Engineering.

Jean Pariès


PS. For general questions and suggestions regarding this upcoming symposium, please contact Pedro Ferreira at: